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How do you want to change our world?

Through conscious capital deployment and direct engagement we will use our voice, our money, and our power to create a better world.

From Our Founder:

"Our firm operates on core principles, embedded into our everyday process. These principles guide me, are true to my heart, and are integral to our everyday process. It is my hope to serve you and bring these principles to the forefront in our quest to facilitate loving change."
L. Alexandra Dest
Founder & CEO

My Guiding Principles:

  1. I believe in dreams. It is our top priority to help secure your financial future, so you may manifest the life you long for.

  2. Capital deployed in a thoughtful manner, can and will affect positive loving change. It is its highest and best use. It is said that money is the root of all evil but the root cause in my experience is human choices and behaviors around money. 

  3. The well-being of my team is a top priority. I help them grow, evolve, and learn both professionally and personally. Watching them walk into their power and become a whole version of themselves brings great pleasure. 

  4.  Supporting our community in a substantive way is integral to who I am. Our growth is not for the sake of growth but rather for the good that it can create.  

  5. Giving thanks is a constant ritual for me. It is my honor and privilege that I have this opportunity to serve our clients and my team and be a guide on their path to freedom.

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Expect the highest regard for you and your interests at Willow. 

We are client focused, solutions based, and ready to work with you.

If you value...

Heart Centered Business

Being Served with Reverence

Fresh & Progressive Outlooks

High Social Consciousness

100% Commitment to You and the Better Good

Higher than Average Professional to Client Ratio

...then you are in the right place.

Sustainable, Empowering, Responsible,
Investment Management

We are an independent registered investment advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to you. We take an ESG / SRI approach using our proprietary screening framework to make sure your portfolio truly aligns with your values.  

ESG / SRI Investment Management

We ingrain ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and SRI (Sustainable, Responsible, Impactful) factors to our investment management & philosophy.

Active Engagement

Change comes from action.

Through active proxy voting, open letters to boards, and facilitating heart centered leadership workshops, we make sure our voice is heard.

Community Involvement

Loving change starts at home. Improve our community, change our world. 

We give back to our community through partnerships, giving time, energy, and capital to causes that matter. 10% of our profits go to helping people. 

Sharing Knowledge

Raising awareness on money and impact.

Inter-connectivity, the better good, unity, impact, environment, social change, personal finance, we share what we know through inclusive engagement.

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