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How we can serve you:

As part of our mission, we seek to educate and open doors to new ways of thinking and being in corporate America.  In this spirit, we have several offerings to best meet your needs:

Investment & Wealth Management

Public & private investment options.

ESG / SRI Research

ESG / SRI research and scoring for advisors and institutions.

Holistic Financial Planning

Tailored plans for all of life's events.

Proactive Engagement

Making our voices heard and impact felt.

401k / 403b Plan Advising

3(38) Investment manager & fiduciary.

Knowledge Sharing

Insight, seminars, newsletters.

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Investment & Wealth Management

Portfolios are specifically structured based on your needs, objectives, personal values, and our market analysis. We manage individual funds, brokerage accounts, retirement plans (IRA’s, solo 401(k’s), profit sharing plans), corporate funds, and non-profit accounts.

We offer several strategies for ESG / SRI investing in public markets described in detail below. For accredited investors we also offer Private Equity opportunities.

Our Unique & Tailored Investment Approach

We incorporate ESG / SRI  factors into our investment process for public markets which can be applied to all types of accounts including retirement, individual, non-profit, profit sharing plans, and so on.   tailor the portfolio to you. 

All Encompassing ESG / SRI

Our core approach applies a general screen that critically examines environmental, social, diversity, ethics, transparency, governance and other important factors.

Environmental Champions

We examine, rank, and invest in companies that place emphasis on protecting, conserving, and helping the environment through proper externality management, efficient resource use, green supply chains, and many other environmental factors.

Social Responsibility & Diversity

We score how companies treat their internal and external stakeholders, their employees, and the communities they impact. In addition we examine their workforce and leadership composition, the depths of their policies, cultural alignment, and mission alignment.

Ethics & Transparency

Here, we focus on corporate governance. We look at executive compensation, disclosures, pending litigation, ethics, governance policy, conflicts of interest and so on.

ESG / SRI ETFs & Funds

To obtain proper diversification and to manage risk for smaller accounts, we offer a broad basket of ETF's and funds that meet the criteria set forth in our comprehensive ESG / SRI screens.

Empowering Women

Separate, but still inclusive of our core screening, we also offer an approach that emphasizes women led companies. It prioritizes diversity, women in the workforce, female management ratios, and the policies put in place to ensure fair, safe, and appropriate corporate culture. We look for companies empowering women and look to celebrate female leaders.

Private Market Opportunities

We are currently “testing-the-waters” in creating a fund of funds to invest in private equity portfolios and managers who are excelling in the impact and ESG / SRI space. We plan to apply our combined 50+ years’ experience in capital markets to vet opportunities and build a robust portfolio of high impact, values-driven organizations making waves, innovating, and facilitating loving change focused on people, environment, community, and food. Get in touch with us to learn more.

ESG / SRI Research, Screening, & Scoring



We offer our proprietary ESG / SRI screening results and research to other advisors and institutions looking for more ways to analyze the data. We can provide reports that analyze your portfolios, buy lists, and more to provide our insight and ESG / SRI scoring results. Please contact us for more information.

401k / 403b Plan Advising

We can review your company or non-profit’s 401k or 403b plan and act as the 3(38) Investment Manager and assume a complete investment fiduciary stance as recognized by ERISA. In this role we can bring ESG / SRI strategies to your company’s employees. We can review your TPA and current expense structures to realize efficiencies while providing investment options aligned with your organization’s values.

Holistic Financial Planning

We will thoroughly review your current and future financial goals and develop a plan to make sure you are on track to reach those goals.

This analysis can include planning for all life events such as:

  • Retirement
  • Education funding
  • Weddings
  • Purchase/sale of a business
  • Estate planning

Financial planning is essential to ensure that you can cover your basic needs, secure your lifestyle, and prepare for the unexpected. Everyone is different and no one plan will suffice for every unique individual’s needs. We offer a comprehensive review, tailored to you. 

Proactive Engagement

Through aggressive letter writing campaigns to management and boards, active proxy voting, and shareholder activism, we seek to hold management accountable and nudge them to deeper introspection for corporate decisions.

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Activist Proxy Voting

Proxy voting is one way in which we can make our voices heard. We strive to bring attention to shareholder initiatives and vote along ESG / SRI guidelines as an additional avenue to nudge companies in the right direction. From appropriate pay practices to increased transparency to environmental initiatives, we will vote and encourage others to vote on those proposals that bring us closer to our goals.

Education & Knowledge Sharing

Through blog and social media posts, we are looking to spread the good word of those who are working towards a better future.  By sharing stories, ideas, and becoming a central hub for impact investing, social change, and other stories, we hope to encourage a contagious wave.

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